Fresh Homemade Pasta

How much fun can you have with pasta?

Quite alot actually! Sally's workshops and parties are all about having fun whilst learning to create beautiful classic Italian Pasta Dishes.


Workshops run throughout the year so why not come and join some like-minded people and spend an evening or afternoon learning to make some classic Italian pasta dishes. You will be able to sample different fillings and sauces and make enough pasta to take home. You will learn the tips and wrinkles to make perfect pasta every time. A skill you will not want to forget in a hurry!


As soon as we are able to hold these safely, dates will be published.

Corporate Workshops

Perfect team building day.


Come and join Sally for a day and discover how to make some classic Italian dishes. You will learn how to make perfect pasta dough, and the skills to make some dishes so you can impress your friends when you get home. From simple Tagliatelle to more adventurous Fagottini, Ravioli and Agnolotti.


We will explore some different flavours for fillings and sauces. During the day we will learn to make some classic Italian desserts and gelato, so that you will go home prepared to make a classic Italian meal to celebrate with your family and friends.

Pasta Parties

Why not have a cookery evening at home with your friends and family. I will teach you the basic principles of pasta-making and we will explore some different fillings and flavours before we all sit down to eat together.  It’s a lovely way to have an evening in.

Pasta & Prosecco

A night in with the girls. Spend an evening with a few friends learning to make fresh pasta from scratch.


Pop open the prosecco and have some fun whilst you learn how to make some different pasta dishes, and all sit down together to enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Pasta & Peroni

Pasta-making is for boys too!

Learning the skills to knock up some cracking pasta dishes will equip you with all the skills you need to impress the girls. You may well just impress yourself too. Get a gang of your buddies together and crack open the peroni and just see how creative and competitive you can be in the kitchen.

Re-ignite your passion for pasta

Pasta-making for two!


Why not re-ignite your passion for pasta with your partner and learn everything you need to know for a romantic night in


"A really fun creative evening reminding us of our Italian Honeymoon. Thank you Sally."



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