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Meet Sally....

La Cucina Italiana was born in 2018 when Sally hosted her first private dinner party for 10 people.

Inspired by the flavours of Italy that she discovered during her travels, the idea to cook private dinners for special occasions, started her on a culinary journey.

Her intention is to transport you to the Italian slopes of Tuscany. Her deep-seated passion for cooking Italian inspired dishes stems way back to when she visited Italy as a child with her mother.


Ever since, she has collected recipes from her travels to bring back and share recreating them with her wonderful Italian lunches and private supper parties. She shares the tips she has learnt from her cooking exploits in her classes and enjoys nothing more than to celebrate the simple flavours of good, honest, fresh ingredients to"bring a taste of Italy to your table".

Since launching she has provided inspired dishes for dinners, parties, birthdays, fashions shows, fundraising events, and literary dinners.


Italian lunches are held throughout the year where guests eat ‘Italian style’, all along one table, sampling some of the recipes she has collected on her travels, with wine which has been carefully selected, directly from the wine cellars of small artisan producers in Italy.


Her journey so far has been great fun having met some wonderful people, she is looking forward to more culinary discoveries to share with you.


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